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CNP 7270108

Composition: Lactic Acid, Pre & Probiotic Complex, Aloe Vera and Lavender Essential Oil.

LIBIFEME Protect Plus

LIBIFEME Protect Plus is a daily intimate wash gel with a unique formulation with lactic acid, pre-probiotic complex and Aloe Vera that promotes the confort and natural well-being of the external intimate area. Formulated without soap and with pH 4, respects the balance of the intimate area. Lavender perfume.

Is indicated to help maintain the defenses of the external intimate area.

- With pre & probiotic symbiotic complex
- Promotes daily hygiene and hydration of the female intimate area
- Contributes to the maintenance of local natural defenses
- Helps to minimize the loss of functionality in this very delicate area

Presentation 200 ml packaging

Available in Pharmacies



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