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Privacy and Cookies Policy

Your trust is important to us. 

Medochemie Limited (“Medochemie”) is an entity registered in Cyprus with the number HE7761, whose activity is the production, sale and distribution of medicines and/or medicinal and/or pharmaceutical products.


Medochemie, as data controller, processes personal data by reference to personal data collected by its subsidiaries, which includes the companyYFarma, SA., NIPC 510274560, headquartered at Parque Tecnológico de Cantanhede, Núcleo 04, lot n.º 2 C, 3060-197 Cantanhede.


YFarma, SA can act as a subcontractor for Medochemie.


At Medochemie we understand the importance of protecting and protecting the personal data of everyone with whom Medochemie transacts, and that is why we keep users informed about: 

  • what personal information we collect about you; 

  • how we use your personal information; 

  • on what basis we use your personal information; 

  • how long we will store your personal information; 

  • when, how and for what reasons we share your personal information with third parties and/or transfer it internationally; 

  • how we protect your personal information;

  • your rights in relation to your personal information;

  • what to do if you do not want to provide Medochemie with your personal information;

  • about how we use cookies and where you can find more information


If you still have other questions regarding our Privacy Policy, you can contact us through one of the following means: 

by email:
by phone: 00357 25 867600 

Medochemie, in accordance with the eight privacy principles of compliance with the RGPD, within the scope of the collection, treatment and management of personal information, is committed to how the data will be:

  1. subject to a lawful, fair and transparent treatment in relation to the data subject ("lawfulness, loyalty and transparency"); 

  2. collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and cannot be further processed in a way that is incompatible with those purposes; further processing for archiving purposes in the public interest, or for scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes, is not considered incompatible with the initial purposes, in accordance with article 89(1) ("purpose limitation" ); 

  3. adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed ('data minimisation');

  4. accurate and updated whenever necessary; all appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that data which are inaccurate, having regard to the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or rectified without delay ('accuracy');

  5. kept in a way that allows the identification of data subjects only for the period necessary for the purposes for which they are processed; Personal data may be kept for longer periods, provided that they are processed exclusively for archiving purposes in the public interest, or for scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes, in accordance with article 89, paragraph 1, subject to the application of the appropriate technical and organizational measures required by this Regulation in order to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the data subject ('retention limitation');

  6. processed in a way that guarantees their security, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, by adopting appropriate technical or organizational measures (“integrity and confidentiality”);

  7. will be transferred for processing in a third country or by an international organization only if the conditions set out in Medochemie's Privacy Policy or in the Binding Rules Applicable to Companies by the controller and the processor ("Transfer") are fulfilled.

  8. maintained by Medochemie under its responsibility and Medochemie, as the controller, is responsible for complying with the provisions of the GDPR and must be able to prove it ("Liability").


This Privacy and Cookies Policy only applies to Medochemie's main website ( and to the national websites of Medochemie including its subsidiaries (, and not to any independent websites to which the user may be referred.


When using website and/or submit any personal information to Medochemie, the user agrees to its use of his personal information, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy and Cookies Policy._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


The Privacy and Cookies Policy applies only to information obtained by Medochemie, and not to information obtained and/or shared with third parties by the user. 

Legal basis for the processing of the user's personal data


Medochemie gathers and processes the user's personal data in accordance with the lawfulness provided for in the RGPD, and in accordance with the same, insofar as the lawfulness is applicable in each case:



The processing of the user's personal data is legitimate if it follows the express and unequivocal consent of the user, and the purposes for which the data are collected. Consent may be provided in writing or electronically.  

For the purposes of executing a contract 


Data processing is permitted if necessary for the purposes of executing a contract to which the user, as the data subject, is a party, or to take the necessary measures requested by the user, before entering into a contract, including, in particular, , the case of a job application submitted electronically.

To fulfill Medochemie's legal obligations 


Personal data may be processed for the purposes of complying with International/or Community and/or national law, and only to the extent that such processing is necessary and in accordance with the restrictions provided for in the aforementioned rules.

To protect the vital interests of the Data Subject and/or any affected third parties 

Within the scope of Medochemie's commercial transactions with pharmaceutical products and/or by-products and/or medicinal and/or medical and/or otherwise, the processing of the user's personal data may be necessary to guarantee health and safety. of the user, and/or third parties. Thus, Medochemie has the right to process the user's data only to the extent that the treatment is essential to guarantee the protection of the user's vital interests.

For the purposes of pursuing legitimate interests


The processing of data is justifiable if necessary for Medochemie to pursue a legitimate interest, as long as it does not override the fundamental rights of the Data Subject.


Collection and Use of Information 

While using the website, Medochemie may ask the user to provide certain personally identifiable information, which can be used to contact or identify the user. Personally identifiable information may include, inter alia, the user's first name, surname, date of birth and address. 


As part of completing an online form and/or the contact forms available on the website, all data shared with Medochemie will be stored on the website of Medochemie and/or its subsidiaries which is hosted by Microsoft Inc. Likewise, all shared data will be gathered in an email message, and sent by

Medochemie via Mail Protocol SMTP by SendGrid Services.

Medochemie was assured that all the necessary measures have been taken by the intermediaries responsible for processing, so that they can fully comply with the provisions of national and Community legislation on the Protection of Personal Data.

Contact Us - General Contact Form 

If the user wishes to contact Y Farma using the contact form available on our "Contact Us" page, the data provided will be stored by this website hosted by Microsoft Inc. Subsequently, the data will be transmitted to Y Farma's Central Desk as described above, and will subsequently be transmitted to the appropriate person or department of the organization. The personal information included in the form will be stored on Medochemie's servers for a period of six (6) months from the date of submission, and will be deleted afterwards. 

Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance

We remind you that Medochemie records information about reported product complaints and suspected side effects, for patient safety purposes and to comply with relevant and applicable laws and/or European and/or international regulations and/or directives and/or obligations arising from the scope of Medochemie's work, or related thereto, and/or the information requested by the relevant local, European and community agencies.


If you are a patient who wants to report an adverse event, Medochemie may obtain sensitive personal data about you, including details about your physical or mental health, as part of the process of reporting and following up on the case of side effects reported by the user. This information (including sensitive personal data) will be provided by the user and is used by Medochemie in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements, to ensure high standards of quality and safety of healthcare and medical devices or products, and in particular to support Medochemie's legal and regulatory obligations regarding the reporting of side effects associated with its products.


The data will be made available by Medochemie's Pharmacovigilance Department and may be shared within the Organization with other departments to which they relate. Data may be shared with the European Medicines Agency and other national agencies in order to comply with Medochemie's legal obligations. Medochemie will store personal data in accordance with local laws and the company's Retention Policy, for as long as necessary to satisfy its legal obligations, or to propose, exercise or defend legal claims. When the user's personal data are no longer necessary for these purposes, they will be securely deleted. This means that the user's personal data is stored by Medochemie for a number of years, depending on the purpose and need for data processing. By sending a pharmacovigilance report to Medochemie, the user agrees that their information will be maintained by Medochemie in the manner set out above.  


The user has the right to access the data that Medochemie maintains about him/her, by sending an email message to, and request a change to them, if you do not agree. However, it is not possible to erase this data.  

Information collected concerning minors under the age of 16 

In the event that the person submitting the respective personal information to Medochemie is under 16 years of age, Medochemie will require the consent of the minor's parent or legal guardian. 

How your information is stored 

All Sensitive Information and all personal data that Medochemie obtains is stored on our servers/databases, and Medochemie has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the data is kept secure for as long as it is stored and/or is undergoing treatment. The information shared internally by the organization will only be accessible by the Senior Management of Medochemie and/or the staff with whom it has been shared.  


All physical copies are kept in files stored locally by the person authorized to have access to that information and/or the appropriate Medochemie manager. 


Medochemie has implemented strict controls and means of verification to ensure that the user's personal data shared with us is accessed and shared only with authorized persons and is processed only for the purposes underlying the sharing of information._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


The Binding Rules Applicable to Medochemie Companies include other safeguards and processes regarding the collection, maintenance, processing and transfer of the user's personal data.   

Website Server 

Our website is hosted by Microsoft Inc. Therefore, personal information shared on our website is shared with a third party company that compiles the information gathered on our website and shares it with Medochemie.  

Medochemie has taken the necessary measures to ensure that all subcontractors who obtain information shared with Medochemie fully comply with the GDPR. 

How to access your information and other rights that allow you to manage that information


You have the following rights in relation to your personal information held by Medochemie: 

Right to be informed and to access information  

Medochemie acts transparently with regard to the collection and processing of personal information, and the purposes for which it intends to use it.  

If requested by the user, Medochemie is obliged to provide you with a copy of all the personal information it holds about you, and to inform you if it is in any way subjected to processing. If the user so requests, Medochemie can provide him with copies of all the information it holds about him. 

Right to correct information


If the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to correct it. 


Right to be forgotten 

You can ask Medochemie to remove personal information about you in certain circumstances, for example, when Medochemie no longer needs it. 

Right to restrict information  

The user may ask Medochemie to block or suppress the processing of their personal information in certain circumstances, such as, for example, whenever the user contests the accuracy of such personal information, or opposes the processing of it by Medochemie. However, this request will not prevent Medochemie from continuing to store your personal information. Medochemie will inform the user before lifting any restrictions.  

Right to data portability 

You have the right, in certain circumstances, to obtain the personal information you have provided to Medochemie (in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format) and to reuse it elsewhere, or to ask Medochemie to transfer that information to a third party for si designated. 

Right of Opposition 

The user may ask Medochemie to stop processing his/her personal information, which request will be granted, unless Medochemie manages to demonstrate compelling legal grounds for the processing.  


Requests for the exercise of the aforementioned rights by the user will be free of charge, provided that they are not manifestly unfounded and/or excessive. If the user's requests are unfounded and/or excessive, Medochemie will be entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the costs incurred. 


In the unlikely event of a breach of personal data, Medochemie undertakes to immediately notify the Data Subjects affected and the appropriate Data Protection Authority of the occurrence of a security breach.  


In the event of a breach on the part of Medochemie, or if the user is dissatisfied with the way in which Medochemie has treated or their personal data in violation of the provisions of the GDPR, the user can file a complaint about the way in which Medochemie has processed their personal data with a Court or the Data Protection Authority. 

Access Request Form

Data Portability Request Form (GDPR)

Opposition to Data Processing Form (RGPD)

Data Subject Deletion Request Form (GDPR)

Rights of the Data Subject under the GDPR

Treatment Restriction Request Form (RGPD)

Rectification Request Form (RGPD)

Responsible for Data Processing 

The data controller on this website is: Medochemie Limited, a limited liability company, registered under the number HE7761, with its registered office and registered at 1-10 Constantinoupoleos Street, 3011, Limassol, Cyprus._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Data Protection Officer 

Ms. Giota Andreou 
Phone: 00357 25 852609 



Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or equivalent are software used to access and browse any web page.  


Cookies are small pieces of text that websites send to the user's browser to help him navigate pages, which usually include an anonymous unique identifier. When the user visits a website, a computer asks the user's PC or mobile device for permission to save this file on that PC or mobile device, and to access information from it. Cookies allow the website owner to distinguish the user from other website users.  


The information gathered through Cookies includes the date and time of visits, the way in which the website is used, information on whether the user has visited the website before and which website referred him to the website.


Medochemie websites use performance cookies to monitor how the website is used. All information is stored in an anonymous format, with no place for automatic capture of personal data by the site.


Medochemie uses performance cookies on its website to: 

  • Help Medochemie improve the website, letting you know which pages are the most popular;

  • identify and correct errors;

  • Provide statistics on how our websites are used so that Medochemie can improve them; and

  • Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing actions.


This means that Medochemie may collect information about the user's computer, including their IP address, the type of operating system and browser, but it cannot collect sensitive information about the user, such as name, address or date of birth. . This is statistical data, used to analyze the user's browsing patterns, which helps Medochemie to understand how visitors use the site, and which does not identify people.  


Cookies cannot be executed as code or used to spread viruses, and they do not allow Medochemie to access the user's hard drive. Medochemie cannot read information on the user's hard drive, even if cookies are stored there.  


If you do not wish to receive cookies while browsing our website, you can modify your browser and/or mobile device settings to be notified whenever you receive cookies, as described below. 


The data generated by Cookies on the Medochemie website can be used for various purposes, including: 

strictly necessary 

These cookies are essential to allow the user to browse the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the website. If you decide to withhold your consent, or subsequently block cookies, some aspects of the Site may not function properly, and you may not be able to access part or all of the Site.




These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, for example, which pages are most visited, and whether they receive error messages. They are used to improve the way the website works in future versions.




These cookies help the website remember user preferences, such as user name, language or region, and provide a better personal experience.  


Medochemie does not allow third-party advertising on its website, but it cannot control which advertisers are authorized by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to display advertisements while the user is browsing the Internet.  


Medochemie is required by law to obtain user consent for all types of cookies that are installed, except "strictly necessary" cookies.  

How does Medochemie manage Cookies? 

You can obtain more information about how we manage cookies by consulting your browser's Help function, your mobile device settings, or by, where you can obtain detailed information about the management of cookies in the most popular browsers. Medochemie has no relationship with this website and is not responsible for its contents or otherwise. 


We remind you that any changes made to your browser in terms of cookies affect not only the cookies installed by site but also by all other websites visited, unless the user has specified which websites he wants to block cookies. If the user decides to block Cookies, he will lose the preferences associated with the website in question. 

Google Analytics 


Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps Medochemie understand how visitors interact with the website. This tool allows you to view a series of reports on how visitors interact with our website, so that Medochemie can improve it. 


Google Analytics uses its own cookies to collect information about how visitors use the Medochemie website. Subsequently, Medochemie uses this information to compile reports that help to improve the site. 

The tool collects information anonymously, preventing Medochemie from identifying the user. It reports website trends without identifying individual visitors. You can get more information about Google Analytics by consulting the Google Developers Handbook. 


The user can opt out of the Google Analytics tool without affecting the way in which he visits the website. For more information on how to opt out or unfollow the tool on all websites you use, you can visit the Google Analytics opt-out page. 


Medochemie considers Google a third party subcontractor that fully complies with local and Community legislation.  

By using the Medochemie website, the user accepts the use of cookies. If the user disables cookies, Medochemie cannot guarantee that the website will function as expected. 

Other websites 

The Medochemie website may contain links to other websites of the Medochemie Group of Companies. This Privacy Policy applies to all websites of the Medochemie Group of Companies.  


If the user is redirected to a third party website, we remind you that this Privacy and Cookies Policy will no longer apply. Other websites will have their own privacy policies. 




The security of the user's personal information is important to Medochemie. However, we remind you that there is no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage that is 100% secure. Although Medochemie uses commercially acceptable means to protect your Personal Information, it cannot guarantee its absolute security.  


In the event of a breach of information, Medochemie undertakes to communicate it to the appropriate authorities, and to notify the user as soon as possible and/or under the terms set out in the RGPD. 


Changes to Medochemie's Privacy Policy 


This Privacy and Cookies Policy enters into force on May 25, 2018, and will continue to take effect, except for any changes to its provisions in the future, which will take effect immediately after being published on this page._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Medochemie reserves the right, at any time, to update or change its Privacy and Cookies Policy, which the user should consult periodically.  The continued use of the website after the publication on this changes to

Privacy and Cookies Policy will constitute the acknowledgment of the changes and the consent by the user to be bound by the amended Privacy and Cookies Policy, and to observe the same.  


The provisions of this Document are not exhaustive and Medochemie will ensure compliance with the GDPR at all times. If any provision is, or may in the future be in conflict with the provisions of local or Community legislation, such provisions will be disregarded, said legislation prevailing. 

Medochemie Limited 


May 20, 2018 

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