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CNP 6359331

Low molecular weight
Hyaluronic Acid (Primal Hyall
50TM), Vitamin A, Vitamin E


LIBIFEME Intense is a fluid gel with intense action and vulvar rejuvenation, for all women who want to rejuvenate the vulvar area. With an innovative composition of hyaluronic acid that after 6 months of application shows significant results in cellular rejuvenation and filling of wrinkles in the intimate area.


It is indicated for filling cracks in the vulvovaginal area, cell regeneration and healing, particularly after surgical interventions.


- Intimate Gel, a unique formulation with low molecular
weight hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E
- Promotes hydration and wellbeing of the vulvar tissue
- Reduces the aging process and loss of firmness of the
vulvar tissue
- Restores natural vulvar moisture
- It as triple beneficial actions: hydration, regeneration
and antiaging effect.

Presentation Fluid Gel for external application - 30 ml

Available in Pharmacies

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