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CNP 7364778

Composition: Oleuropein Extract, Loquat Extract, Vitamin C and E.


CHOLEVEL is a natural food supplement, for a natural cardiovascular balance. Excess cholesterol increases the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problems.

It is indicated to, in a natural way, control the risks caused by excess cholesterol in the blood!


- Regulates blood cholesterol

- Increases "good" cholesterol (HDL)

- Reduces "bad" cholesterol (LDL)

- Reduces total cholesterol

- Reduces the formation of atheromatous plaque

- Reduces blood triglycerides


Presentation of 40 capsules, oral intake

For Sale in Pharmacies


No side effects.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Conservation conditions: cool and dry environment, temperature below 25ºC. Keep out of the reach of children. It is
not advisable to use the product in case of allergy to one or more of its constituents. If you suer from any food allergies, tell your doctor or pharmacist. Due to the lack of studies that prove the safety of its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, this supplement should not be used in these situations.

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